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R.T Tree and Garden Services

Some of what we do

Green rubbish bags next to a brown bin for collection

Garden clearances

Creating a blank canvas

A garden clearance is normally a one-off service, normally needed when someone first moves into a property or when a tenant leaves a rented property in disrepair. 
Whatever the reason we are here to help. Quick, efficient and completely discreet.


Laying you lawn

Are you looking to lay a new lawn?
Get in touch with us at R.T Tree and Garden Services. 
Before laying any turf we will ensure the ground is properly prepared and level. Once laid, we will give you new lawn a good watering and provide you with all the best tips and tricks to ensure your new turf takes root and grows as green as it can be.

rolled sod for new lawn

Hedge trimming

Pruning and cutting back

Nothing makes a garden or a house look more unsightly than an overgrown hedge and if left too long it can pose a threat to vehicles and pedestrians.

Normally hedges are cut once per year, however, different types of hedges have different rates of growth depending on the variety of the plant. As such a hedge may require cutting more often.

Whatever the type of hedge you have, we have the skills, and equipment to cut back and shape your hedge whilst ensuring any green waste is removed form your property.

Tree work

Expert tree work

Quite often when we are called to complete garden clearances we find that there may be a tree that needs to be dismantled and disposed of.

Sometimes however we are called as a tree needs a bit of care and a crown lift or reduction. 

Whatever your need, we are here to help. Advice is always free and we would always want you to make an informed decision as opposed to rushing into something that could harm your tree in the coming years.

Grinding Tree Stump with Grinder
Gardening: Services
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Gardening: Services

Customer Review

Excellent service

"Great work on our annual garden tidy up. Experienced and knowledgeable on all our garden needs."


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R.T Tree and Garden Services

For all your gardening needs Taunton. Years of experience and free quotes.

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